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What People Are Saying

I can't quantify the number of hours that MaxOne has saved me. I can literally send a message to anyone from anywhere and I include my AD on every one of my messages so he is in the loop.

— Damon Roché  /  Girls Basketball, Hockinson HS (WA)

MaxOne is a great tool for coaches, its online platform and strength and conditioning workouts will help coaches at all levels build a better program.

— Adam Fletcher  /  Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Illinois

The top professional and D-1 college programs use technology to engage athletes and maximize performance.  MaxOne puts the same tools in the hands of coaches at all levels.

— Jon Sanderson  /  Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Michigan

MaxOne is a great online tool for coaches, their strength and conditioning programs will yield tremendous results.

— Dave Richardson  /  Strength and Conditioning Coach, The Ohio State University

My athletes love the weight training program because they can walk into the weight room and get started right away.  They also love the leader boards that showcase the top lifters in each of our 4 core lifts.

— Mike Rowe  /  Football Coach, Rocori High School (MN)

MaxOne Calendars have saved me time and are really simple to use.  I am able to manage calendars for coaches and athletes and parents all in one place!

— Mark Smith  /  Varsity Coach, Liberty High School (AZ)

Using MaxOne for summer camps was a breeze.  I didn't have to collect any paperwork and my camp roster automatically showed up with t-shirt sizes and emergency contact info.

— Crystal Strictland  /  Basketball Coach, Holland Christian High school (MI)

We use the text blasts weekly to announce upcoming events and we use the synced calendars for each level so parents always know what to expect.  It has cut down on the "I didn't know" factor tremendously!

— Jason Wilson  /  Football Coach, Birmingham Groves High School (MI)

We have over 50 athletes in the weight room daily, which makes it difficult to correct every technique issue.  The kids can log in and see videos of proper technique linked to each lift and they self-coach.  It's make my role in the weight room a lot more effective.

— Jason Wilson  /  Football Coach, Birmingham Groves High School (MI)

Coaches who aren't using MaxOne are already behind the times. It helps me create continuity among my coaches, athletes and parents.

— Nick Yaeger  /  Varsity Coach, Clintonville HS (WI)

MaxOne has been a huge resource in our girls taking accountability in their progress as well as being able to document success in real time.

— Hayley Leake  /  Girls Basketball, Francis Howell Central HS (MO)

Last season we implemented a pre-practice wall-ball regimen every day. We turned a corner mid-way through the season and finished really strong.  MaxOne helped us win more games and helped teach the life lesson that setting goals and working hard pays.

— Kurt Brillhart  /  Lacrosse, Midland HS (MI)

We will have over 200 kids pass through the weight room every day, and MaxOne allows us to track their data more effectively.

— Keith Badger  /  Strength Coach, New Richmond HS (WI)

In the summer, I want girls to have a place to record how they're getting better, and see how their teammates are doing too.  MaxOne allows me to keep them accountable without having to keep my own records.


— Brian Morrison  /  Softball, Hamilton HS (MI)

MaxOne has helped us increase in productivity with communication in all levels.  We continue to develop an interactive environment for all players in our district to help them improve.

— Jason Wolford  /  Girls Basketball, Lindbergh HS (MO)

The Coaches Corner has been a great place for us to store important videos, clips, drills, and workouts for all of the coaches in our system to access. This has helped with communicating expectations and standards to all coaches in our program.


— Chris DeLotell  /  Basketball Coach, Anderson High School (OH)
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