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The MaxOne team is made up of former athletes who are passionate about making the lives of coaches and athletes better.  What started from one coach setting out to solve his problems has turned into a revolution of how coaches train and manage their programs.  Join the movement today by scheduling a demo.



This statement by Jason Mejeur, Head Coach of Holland Christian's Varsity Boys Basketball, inspired a journey that resulted in MaxOne, a company devoted to helping head coaches run their programs.

Jason has coached at both the high school and college levels for the last 15 years and observed an ever-increasing gap between coaches and athletes. This generation of athlete is spending up to 6 hours a day with their eyes on their phones - and coaches are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Technology for coaches has existed, but it’s all disjointed, creating a landscape where a coach has to juggle multiple usernames and passwords. Jason found this fatiguing, and wanted to create a one-stop-shop for coaches to manage every detail of their program.

After all, there is a huge difference between "coaching a team" and "leading a program!"

If you are a Varsity Coach, head coach of a Club, a skill trainer, or League Organizer, MaxOne was designed specifically for you. It can help by:

  • Creating off-season workouts for all levels and hoping at least a few kids will actually do the work
  • Making sure your all coaches teach your sport the way you want it taught
  • Taking time to communicate with parents on all levels of the program
  • Getting athletes to practice in the off-season
  • Editing email lists to make sure you have all new kids and parents in your database so they get invited to everything
  • Coordinating and planning summer camps

The list goes on and on... most of the work associated with being a great coach does not lie in coaching your team during the season, but is in running your program throughout the year.

We believe the coach who runs a great program, over time, is more successful than the coach who simply focuses on coaching the one team during one season.

MaxOne is designed to help coaches who want to run a great program and spend less time doing it.

Join us on this journey to impact more lives, to achieve our potential, and to lead better programs.

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